Pefferlaw Dental Centre

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1 Hastings Rd , Pefferlaw , Ontario , L0E 1N0 , Canada
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By Lana

5 23 hours ago

Great visit

The filling was done so well... excellent!
By Robert Polan

5 a month ago

Great job Dr. Daniel Sou

There is a lot of work to be done so I'm pleased at the pace Dr. Daniel Sou sets. He moves forward quickly with care and precision. The procedure was relatively painless and the results were outstanding.
By Robert Polan

5 a month ago

Great job Dr. Daniel Sou

"Dr. Daniel Sou obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with distinction from the University of Waterloo. His passion for dentistry and traveling around the world led him to Australia, where he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at the University of Melbourne. Dr. Sou was born in Brazil and grew up in Toronto. He is well known for his caring, friendly, and outgoing personality. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized dental care tailored to the patient’s needs. Prior to graduation, he volunteered in several outreach programs providing dental care to the underprivileged in Vietnam and the Philippines. These challenging, rewarding experiences have enhanced his interest in preventative, and restorative dentistry. His dental philosophy strongly revolves around disease prevention and providing conservative dental care." Having read this gave me the confidence to trust him as my dentist and overcome my fears. He removed two teath that were causing me pain and did a great job of explaining my options. It was a 5 star service. I recomend him whole hartedly.
By Mike Hazelden

5 2 months ago

Molar fillings

Excellent service. Fast, efficient and attentive professionals that made the process of two difficult fillings go seamlessly.
By Mac

4 2 months ago

Clean teeth

Cheryl was very thorough and did a great job. Thx Cheryl 🪥🦷
By Janet Allen

5 2 months ago

Always top notch

Cheryl is amazing and I actually enjoy my teeth cleaning because of her. Well almost… she is great at her job but makes you feel at home with her! The whole rest of the team is very friendly and professional! Would recommend in a heartbeat!!
By Anonymous

5 2 months ago

Always a great experience

Cheryl has taken care of me since I started going to Pefferlaw Dental Centre for 2 years now and she has provided great insight and advice for my oral hygiene. I like the equipment used and their professionalism is top notch.
By Shirley Collins

5 2 months ago

follow up appointment

Appreciate the excellent follow-up service regarding my extraction and issues that happened afterward Dr. Soo and staff very professional . Thankyou
By Tammy

5 2 months ago


Pefferlaw Dental is simply amazing everyone so warm, welcoming and understanding. They are there to help with a simple cleaning or to help fix things and make you smile with confidence. So happy I found them!

5 3 months ago

Great first impression

Very thorough but not too judgmental or pushy on upgrades. Will certainly be as this will be our primary dentist for the family